A Martian Filmed my Summer!

I always knew I was fortunate to spend not only my summers, but much of my life on Cape Cod. The below video my friend, Marvin the Martian, filmed and then created out of our last few months proves just that.

I would first like to formally apologize to Marvin for calling him Creepy McCreepster for ALWAYS having a GoPro with him everywhere we went and I now totally take it back. This video is not only a great documentation of our summer, but it makes us look so much cooler than we actually are. Great work, Marv! You keep doing you, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re weird for carrying around a camera on a stick.

I feel like this mini-movie captures what a real cape summer is all about. It’s taking the boats to hidden stretches of beach that tourists don’t know about, and staying there until it’s dark. It’s sitting in the sand until it’s cool enough that you need a hoody. But not pants. Because pants are the worst. It’s laughing. It’s cold beer and horseshoes. It’s various aquatic activities. It’s family. It’s Real Cape.

You leave your complaints on the dock and unpack nothing but cold drinks and good times from the cooler once you drop anchor.

If you’d like a 6-minute recap of what a Cape Cod summer looks like; watch the below. My favorites parts are where my adopta-sister, Kray Kay and I, hop on a jet ski and zip towards a fire on the Island..like we were actually going to help someone or something. We only made it half way, realized we forgot our Twisted Teas, and turned that shit around.

I also love Marv’s selfie shot while driving his Seadoo and his girlfriend, Delish, chasing the dog down the street in the beginning.  The highlight, however, is the nice scenic shot of Nintendo No Friendo and I playing fetch with some random dogs because it reminded me that we always got along on the Island.

Island rule; no fighting. Maybe I should live every day by Island rules..

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