Make Sure To Fly Your Flag At Half Mast Tomorrow

half mast

Patch – Governor Deval Patrick’s order to lower the flags from sunrise to sunset honors decorated Army specialist Ryan A. Goldie, 28, a Wareham native who died of non-combat causes in December.

SPC Ryan A. Goldie, 28, was born in Wareham and graduated from Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School, working as a plumber’s apprentice before entering the Army in 2010, according to his obituary from Chapman, Cole and Gleason Funeral Homes. He was based in Ft. Bliss, Texas.

We give Wareham a good amount of shit here but it’s all in good fun, like arguing with a step brother. When it really matters we are all in the same family whatever side of The Canal we live on. So if you or your company has a flag pole remember to fly your flag at half mast tomorrow in honor of Wareham’s Ryan Goldie.

Governor orders like this technically only pertain to state agencies but that’s no reason for everyone else not to join in on this gesture. Ryan Goldie fought so that we have the freedom to read and write snarky jokes on the internet all day, flying our flags at half mast is the least we can do for him.

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