There Was A 12 Year Old Dealing Heroin At The Shanghai

shanghai2 – After allegations of numerous drug deals on the premises, one involving a 12-year-old and another minor, the Barnstable Licensing Authority voted to revoke all of the Shanghai Chinese Restaurant’s business licenses.

Barnstable Police Lieutenant John Murphy and Barnstable Patrolman Steve Maher gave testimony today regarding at least 10 instances where illicit drug sales allegedly took place inside the restaurant.

The most shocking testimony highlighted a case where a 12-year-old delivered heroin which he had kept inside one of his socks. That particular drug deal allegedly took place right at the bar.

Unbelievable. Just shockingly bad parenting right there. By 12 years old a boy should know that when he is dealing heroin in a seedy Chinese restaurant he has to at least do it in the bathroom, not right at the bar. You need to have situational awareness and know that the place is probably under surveillance. Any parent worth their salt should teach a kid that age that the cops can’t put cameras in the bathrooms.

I can see a 10 year old making such a silly mistake, but a 12 year old? Come on, that’s just lazy parenting.


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  1. Funny at twelve years old, I was going with my Boy Scout troop into Boston to the Museum of Science….Strange Days indeed…..

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