Slightly Used Poop Bucket For Sale On Cape Cod Virtual Yard Sale – $25 Is A Steal!


Frank Anthony has officially won the internet today. Not sure what I love more, the ad, or the comments from the people who take a Facebook Yard Sale so seriously that they are appalled that someone would disrespect such a holy institution. How dare this man mock what we hold so dear!

There are two types of people in the world. The ones that find this hilarious, and the ones that nobody wants to hang out with.

The post has already been removed but thanks to Sarah Marion we were able to get a screenshot just in time. Frank Anthony your ad will now live forever here at The Real Cape. As a prize for being the winner of the internet for the day, we are going to give you either a T-Shirt or a ticket to The Real Cape Music Festival for free, send an email to to claim your prize.

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