Poop Bucket Guy Strikes The Cape Cod Virtual Yard Sale Again And It’s Hilarious


Alright, now I’m starting to think we need to hire this guy. I almost pooped in a bucket when I saw this one.

If you don’t know the back story, our hero Frank posted a poop bucket for sale in the Facebook Cape Cod Virtual Yard Sale. Well people were highly offended by his antics, commenting with their displeasure with him for mocking the holy institution of online yard sales. The post was swiftly deleted by the moderators and I figured the fun was over. Boy was I wrong.

Next he lists a copy of Everyone Poops. Once again I’m not sure what is funniest, is it the listing itself? Is it the photo with the little girl peeking out from behind the book? Is it the people commenting all super serious about the price being too high? What I do know is that this makes me laugh every single time I look at it. Well played Frank, well played.

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