24 Mobi-Chairs Delivered To Cape Cod Beaches – I’ll Take Two!



CapeCodOnline.com – Two women who have made it their mission to get everybody into the water will make their final delivery of two dozen floating wheelchairs to Cape beaches this week.

Lotte Diomede and Susan Brown of Sudbury are scheduled to deliver 24 Mobi-chairs to beaches in Barnstable, Dennis, Falmouth, Yarmouth and Harwich on Thursday.

The wheelchairs have big balloon tires and can roll people with mobility issues safely across the sand and into the water.

Diomede, a summer resident of Yarmouth, and Brown already have placed 40 Mobi-chairs on Cape beaches since starting their fundraising organization, SMILE Mass (Small Miracles in Life Exist) two years ago.

These things look sweet! My question is if I buy one of these for myself, do they have to let me on the beach with it? I think we need to clarify the rules here. Is this like a handicap parking space thing where it’s actually illegal to use them if you aren’t really disabled? Or do we have a motorized scooter at Stop and Shop situation where as long as you have the money and you are lazy enough you can use them if you want? If it’s the latter then I can’t get my card out fast enough.

Talk about a perfect fit for the blogger lifestyle. I could trade in my boxers for some swim trunks and sit on the beach writing all day. When I get too hot, just wheel my ass into the water and let me float around and write in there for a while. It’s as if the Mobi-Chair was invented just for me.

OK maybe they were actually designed to improve the lives of disabled people, but you know what? I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my quality of life just because I can stand up and walk into the water if I feel like it…  because I never feel like it. Amazon here I come!


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