You Have To See This Guy Review Cape Cod Buffalo Cheddar Waffle Cut Chips


What the hell did we just watch? More importantly, how did Robert Dyer get his hands on these chips before us? There is a serious problem when Maryland YouTube weirdos are reviewing Cape Cod Chips‘ newest releases right in our face before we even know they exist. There’s a chance these would instantly go into Insane Tony’s top five list.

P.S. I thought this was a joke video, but then he hit us with this gem at the 2 minute mark… “These chips remind me of one of the great lost snacks of history, which was nacho flavored bugles”… This guy is the Rain Man of snack reviews and he means business. Seriously, check out his Chef Boyardee Pizza Twist Review. Riveting stuff. Just electric…


“Five stars! Another GREAT Chef Boyardee product.” Say what you will about Robert Dyer but don’t say he doesn’t have sophisticated taste.

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