VIDEO: Wendy’s, Karate Kid, Carlton Banks, And Stone Cold Call Out Cape Cod… Wait, What?

Whoa, settle down there Wendy’s, nothing like throwing sucker punches out of nowhere. When they were casting this commercial they must have blindfolded themselves and thrown darts at really old issues of People Magazine. Who the hell cares what these three washed up chumps have to say about anything, let alone Barbecue? What, were Webster, Screech, and Gilligan busy? Hey Wendy’s, ever been to Wellfleet? How about a little place called Marconi Beach Restaurant

marconi beach bbq

Didn’t think so. One more question… How many of your restaurants have a giant smoker and a cord of wood out front? None? That’s what I thought. Take your cute little commercial, your shitty pulled pork, the three ass clowns you rode in with and get the fuck off my peninsula!

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  1. Real Cape… lighten up. Funny commercial for a product no one will take seriously. As for Marconi Beach Restaurant?… I'll stick to seafood on the Cape.

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