Today In Cape Cod History – It Was 27 Degrees On 8/23/23 With The First Frost

first frost

CCT – On this day in 1923, it was colder than on any August day in memory. The Cape Cod Cranberry Company reported that the temperature the previous night was 27 degrees.  The story in the newspapers the next day are below:

Yesterday was the coldest August 23 on record in many parts of the country. The lowest temperature recorded here was 53, the same as Wednesday’s minimum. Thermometers at Poughkeepsie registered as low as 36 degrees yesterday morning and a light frost was seen, which observers said was the first August frost in eighteen years…

I would puke on myself if I woke up this morning and it was 27 degrees out with frost on the ground. As if it’s not depressing enough that it’s already Labor Day weekend, at least it’s sunny in the 70’s. Anybody with a brain knows that fall is the best time of year on Cape Cod, and if Mother Nature were to take that away from us this year, especially after the winter we had last year? Well, I would probably punch her in the tit.

So cheer up all you doomsday, summer is over pessimists. Things could be much worse, we could be in 1923. It’s going to be a beautiful holiday weekend, sunny with a 100% chance of tons of beer!

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