Sandwich Brickyard Unearthed By Erosion – Location Had Been Mystery For 100 Years

sandwich brickyard

CBS – Erosion is a bitter enemy to many residents along the coast of New England. But in the Cape Cod town of Sandwich, erosion has taken on the role of archaeologist.

“It’s bittersweet,” says Sandwich Historical Commission member Lisa Hassler, “Because we’re losing land, but at the same time, we’ve just found a very significant historical site.”

The erosion has exposed the old Sandwich brickyard. Red bricks can now be seen buried in clay and sand – it’s a mystery solved. The location of the brickyard has been unknown for at least a hundred years. And the brickyard played a prominent role in the War of 1812.

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The location has been unknown for at least a hundred years huh? I’ve got news for the historical commission and these reporters. There’s at least one person that has known EXACTLY where that brickyard was for a while now. Namely, the guy that excavated the hole for that house that’s sitting right on top of it.

That dude and half of his friends probably have sweet brick fire pits in their yards that were built out of pieces of Sandwich history that he dug up. Little do they know that they’ve been drinking beers next to two hundred year old Cape Cod relics all this time.

I’m going out on a limb and guessing that the excavator guy didn’t realize he found the brickyard that saved Sandwich from invasion during the war of 1812. Does anyone that’s not a historian know anything about the war of 1812?

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  1. Wow!! Slow news day huh? A lot of could haves and might haves in that report. Now I know where to get my walk way. Nizzzzzzze!!!

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