Mocean In Mashpee Gets It

I came across this Facebook status from Mocean in Mashpee Commons and had to comment on it.



This is in regards to the big box stores taking Black Friday Thursday to a new level and opening on Thanksgiving Day. The irony is so thick here I almost feel stupid pointing it out. You mean to tell me that we are now supposed to celebrate a holiday designed solely to be thankful for the intangibles money can’t buy like our health and families and feel blessed for all the things we already have in life… by leaving our families on the one day we are all together and rushing out to buy superficial material things we don’t actually need because they are on sale? The irony is thicker than Grandma’s lumpy gravy.

6 0’clock on Thanksgiving is just about the time your drunk uncle starts offending your adopted cousins with anti-immigration diatribes disguised as patriotism. And who wants to miss out on your dumb cousin answering “Washington D.C.” when asked what the capital of Washington State is in a game of Trivial Pursuit?

This is why real Cape Codders should shop at locally owned stores, yeah you might have to wait a whole 24 hours to get those new UGGS your 8 year old daughter NEEDS DESPERATELY, but you are also giving a fellow local family time to wake up Friday morning with an Egg Nog hangover and make a Turkey and mashed potato bagel sandwich for breakfast.

Everybody take it down a notch and let’s give ourselves a night to appreciate the fact that our ancestors had already developed an immunity to small pox so that we could outlast the natives. Be thankful that we lasted long enough to invent Football that we get to enjoy on our flatscreens while lounging around on our sectionals drinking Bud Lights and pretending to care about The Detroit Lions and High School Football.

Screw WalMart, I bet the 6 year olds in China making those $4 camping chairs would give a big toe for just one piece of pumpkin pie.

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  1. This is simple. Stores will not open on a holiday if there are no shoppers. Don’t be dick and ruin someone else’s thanksgiving because you can’t show 12 hours of impulse control. Consumers have all the power in the world.

  2. Is this supposed to be Barstool CC? Where are all the commenters? Just me and that other guy. I’m gonna wait at the bar…

  3. This conversation drives me crazy every year because I worked at a movie theater for over a decade and we were open on thanksgiving and Christmas and no one ever made a stink about us being open. In fact people would come in on the holidays and say “oh that’s too bad you can’t be home with your family. I’ll take some popcorn”

    1. This is an advertisement. Mocean is a great store but even if their stuff was 50% off I can’t afford to shop there.
      This store exists for summer people and folks who purchesed homes in New Seabury. I have been surfing in Wellfleet for 18 years. I can’t purchase surf related items there. Too expensive, y’all.

      1. This is definitely not an advertisement, I have never met or talked to the people who own Mocean and certainly did not receive money to post this, I saw Post on Facebook and it merely inspired me to rant on the concept. I’ve never bought anything at Mocean so wouldn’t know their prices, they are locally owned though, so they are one up on Wal-Mart in my book.

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