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This Guy - Barnstable village July 4th parade
This Guy – Barnstable village July 4th parade

This photo of the Barnstable 4th of July parade was sent in by an anonymous reader simply labeled “This Guy”. Normally we wouldn’t just publish photos of random people simply because they have spectacular hair. But this hair is extra special.

We don’t like to start rumors or print anything about famous person sightings on The Cape unless they are backed with proof, so I am going to refrain from any commentary here. No way am I going to add any flame to the fire of unsubstantiated speculation with any jokes or insinuation.

I will however just leave this here for you to look at. Not because it is in any way related to the reader photo, only because it’s a cool pic that I’d thought I’d share.


If you have a photo that represents the Real Cape Cod please submit it below or use the link at the top of the page. From beautiful sunsets to drunken comedy and everything in between, we want to see what you see. (Author is optional)

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