Reader Photo Of The Day – Can Man Recycling

Call this guy when you are done drinking your Genny Ice!
Call this guy when you are done drinking your Genny Ice!


I need more information on this. Who is the owner of this enterprise? What town is this company based out of? Since this is “Fontana VII” does that mean there are at least SIX other vehicles in this fleet?

Either way, you have to applaud this person. Maybe they have issues, maybe they aren’t conforming to society as some would like, but at least whoever owns this operation is doing what they can to make due. We have perfectly healthy people begging in the streets and contributing nothing to society, so as far as I am concerned the owner/operator of “Can Man Recycling” can eat at my table any day.

P.S. Nice Genny Ice reference by the person who uploaded this photo, made my day.

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