The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For Has Arrived – The Real Cape Roller Derby Video


I have to say that this was the most fun that I have had since starting this website. We’ve Forrest Gump’d our way into some amazing situations, we’ve interviewed Peter Gammons and it was on the front page of Deadspin, we’ve had all access passes to music awards and visited Afroman’s hotel room, but this experience with the girls of The Cape Cod Roller Derby was far and away the most raw, unadulterated, pure fun that I have had yet. Sure it may have had to do with having Arthur Bonzarelli with me so I didn’t have to make fun of Ham and Tony alone, but mostly it was the entire atmosphere.

I highly suggest you keep up with what these ladies are doing because it is absolutely infectious, whether you want to play, coach, ref or just watch you simply will not regret it. There is not one hint of pretension, they welcome every single skill level from any walk of life and they just rock the shit out of it. Kudos to these ladies, they’ve got an amazing thing going on.

P.S. If there are better Roller Derby names for guys out there than “Condomn Mint” and “Chode the Wet Sprocket”, I’ve never heard them.

The Cape Cod Roller Derby: WebsiteFacebook

Shockyard Fitness and Social Club: WebsiteFacebook

Music by Crooked Coast: WebsiteFacebook

Thanks to Ryan from Wicked Cape for the GoPro footage and bringing his Saint Bernard.

Cameras: S.C. Atkinson and John Beninghof

Editing: Adam Hamwey and John Beninghof

Facebook: The Real Cape
Twitter: Hippie - Insane Tony