Insane Tony’s Local Music Brunch Hour – Puffy Elvis

Growing up I always thought most teachers lived at the school where they teached. I mean sleep, eat, have their birthday parties there the whole 9.5 yards. I thought I had them all figured out, especially their unawesomeness levels as a person. As I grew older and some of my closest friends became teachers my theories went out the car window.

One group of educators from one certain institution are shattering the normal perception of teachers on the Cape. You mix together current and some retired teachers and throw in a dash of one alum and you get “Puffy Elvis“. The Puffy ones have been rocking retirement parties, festivals, and booze cruises since 2008. Drummer T-Money Mac says “We play a mix of covers from the 60s-today. Definitely some Cool Classics in the mix. Everything from rock, blues, funk, etc. we have a list of about 40 songs, but also have worked on the occasional original”.

Puffy Elvis consist of Joe MacCauley- vocals, Tom Messer- guitar, Mon Soon- guitar/vocals, “Boom Boom” Celeste- bass, T Money Mac-drums, Susie Cronin- vocals, Lindsay Ruthven-vocals, Greg Gilbert-trumpet, D Mo-trombone, Edwards-trumpet/keys.

” The self proclaimed fifth best cover band of mostly teachers on Cape Cod. We were born from the unholy union of Mr. Holland and Satan”, says T-Money Mac.

You can catch Puffy Elvis at The Beach House today from 4-7. So bring your dancing shoes, and the kids down to see what the hype is surrounding these Elvisites. Be sure to do your homework before you come though or you may get a detention. If you see Guadalupe Hidalgo on the dance floor be sure to give him a high five.


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