Raccoon On The Loose On Nantucket (There’s Usually No Raccoons On Nantucket?)

nantucket raccoon

NECN – Nantucket Police sent out a tweet just before noon on Friday alerting residents that a raccoon had been seen in the area of Orange Street by Marine Home Center. The animal control officer and Massachusetts Environmental Police are working to trap the animal. Anyone who sees it is urged to call police at 508-228-1212.

Because it is separated from the mainland, Nantucket doesn’t typically have any raccoons. It also doesn’t have any skunks, foxes or coyotes, although there are plenty of deer, rabbits and other, smaller rodents.

Wait, there’s no raccoons, skunks, foxes or coyotes on Nantucket? This raccoon must be living the high life. He’s the 1% of raccoons. Imagine having the pick of the litter over there if you’re a tiny mammal? Rocky Raccoon probably went through John Kerry’s trash last night and had some filet mignon and a glass of 2003 Lafite. Today he’s probably out on Belichick’s boat rocking some Nantucket Reds, and a pair of Ray Ban’s.

What a raccoon life. He’ll probably go to the Chicken Box tonight and pull a dime off the dance floor. The Nantucket Raccoon, doing things mainland raccoons only see in the movies. Friggin’ guy even set up a Twitter account already. Only in America.

thanks to Stephanie Viva for the tip

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