Onset Beaches Closed To Swimming Due To Sewer Overflow

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CapeCodToday.com – Onset Bay beaches are closed to swimming due to a sewer flow on Independence Lane around 10:30 a.m. Monday morning. According to a release from the Wareham Harbormaster, an “undetermined” amount of material was released through a manhole cover and entered the bay through an adjacent storm drain.

In response to the incident, theWareham Health Department ordered the closing of all Onset Bay beaches to bathing including Sunset Cove, Agawam Beach, Shell Point Bay, Onset Beach, East River, Broad Cove and Muddy Cove.

In addition to bathing, the Division of Marine Fisheries has ordered that all shellfishing cease. This, according to the harbormaster’s release includes Onset Bay, Sunset Cove, Shell Point Bay, Wickets and Onset Island and Sias Point (southwest facing side).

I always thought people just knew it was a part of the deal that if they go swimming in Onset that there is most likely some level of dookie in the water. Even if there isn’t actual run off going into the bay, I’d imagine at least one person uses the beach as a toilet per day over there.

Onset is such an enigma, the last time I was there we had fantastic drinks at The Quahog Republic, grabbed a phenomenal pizza from Marc Anthony’s to go, but then on the walk back to the boat we saw a guy in an Ed Hardy wife beater and jorts smoking crack in a Suzuki Samurai with 20″ rims. His companion was a dainty little female of about 87 pounds in a sleeveless jean jacket with some lovely sores all over her face.

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions, it was simultaneously one of the best and most disgusting days of the summer so far. Onset is just so weird, I’m pretty sure it’s a village in the town of Mars.

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