Neighbors Complain About Proposed Auto Body Shop In… AN INDUSTRIAL PARK

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CapeNews.netGeoff Spillane – If the Mashpee Design and Plan Review Committee meeting on Tuesday, October 21, is any indication, an improving economy could be creating a mini building boom in town.

The meeting, which lasted nearly three hours with applicants proposing seven new buildings seeking input from the multi-departmental advisory committee.

One proposed project, an auto body repair shop at 89 Industrial Drive, is facing opposition from residents of the Highland Estates neighborhood off Route 28 near the Falmouth town line.

Accidental Auto Body, a business currently located in Hyannis, plans to relocate in Mashpee once its current lease expires. Raul Lizardi-Rivera, civil engineer with Falmouth-based Holmes and McGrath, detailed the firm’s building plans, which include constructing a 9,000-square-foot metal pre-fabricated building with 65 parking spaces adjacent to the Mashpee Water District offices.

Midway through the hearing, John Fish, a Nancy Lane resident whose property backs up to the location proposed for the auto body repair shop, addressed the committee.

Mr. Fish, who had in his hand a petition opposing the auto body repair shop that had already been signed by 65 people, expressed concern about chemicals being used so close to a residential area, and very close to where he keeps a garden and chickens.

“An auto body shop located up against residential properties. It is a sin, I am appalled,” he said.

Listen, I know that I harp on busy body neighbors blocking progress on Cape Cod. The NIMBY stuff gets old to read about I’m sure, but when something that is so batshit insane comes around I just can’t help myself. Let’s re cap this…

This dude is trying to block a business from opening on INDUSTRIAL DRIVE! I repeat. The street is NAMED Industrial Drive. They want to open a business in an INDUSTRIAL PARK… a neighborhood specifically zoned and designed for… wait for it… INDUSTRY!

Where the hell are people supposed to open an auto body shop if they can’t do it in the park that everybody picked to be the exact place where we decided we would like people to open their freaking auto body shops?! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.

Oh, and how about this shit?

“An auto body shop located up against residential properties. It is a sin, I am appalled,” he said.

A sin? I’m sorry, let me get my bible out. Let’s see here… Thou shalt not kill… Thou shalt not steal… Thou shalt not cov… hmm… I don’t see anything about opening an auto body shop in a technology park being a sin? Maybe my bible is different than his? Where’s a Gideon when you need one?

These people want to move an existing, successful business into your town, bringing jobs and tax money etc. They want to do it exactly where they should be doing it, and you’re appalled? It’s appalling that you’re appalled. I am appalled at your appalledness, to the point where you have my brain so twisted that I just made up a god damn word! The appalladacity on this guy… see, another one!

Here’s some advice for prospective home buyers, if you don’t want an industrial type of business near your tomatoes, then don’t buy land that abuts an INDUSTRIAL PARK!

This is just plain insanity, I sincerely hope that not only do Mashpee officials laugh this dude out of any and all meetings, but that they publicly reprimand him for wasting everyone’s time. You, your chickens, and your summer squash are simply not more important than the zoning laws established by the collective community.

P.S. I’m probably not getting any fresh eggs from him anytime soon huh?

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  1. The business men who are co-proprieters for AAB, have been long time friends of my family for 2 decades, these are men with families of their own they are dedicated too like any other hard working person

  2. Hey Buddy, that's my brother you're talking about and Im appalled At your audacity to forget about the residents that have raised Mashpee to it's current status as more than a strip tease joint. And for the record it is a sin to take money for something you have no right to take money for – They are planning on taking his back yard!!!! He bought the house after leaving the crap from the steamship authority on Palmer Ave. Mashpee, quiet, civilized. An association that would take care of its residents. Nope Raise the taxes and take cre of their own fekkking wallets – before you start bd mouthing my brother go take a look at where the line are ACTUALLY drawn!!!

  3. Didn't bad mouth anyone, just disagree with him. Are you saying that the town is taking your brothers land by eminent domain and giving it to a private business? I highly doubt that is true.

  4. Didn't bad mouth, just disagree with him. Not sure what The Steamship or Zachary's have to do with anything but OK. Are you saying that the town of Mashpee is taking your brother's land and giving it to a private business? I HIGHLY doubt that is true.

  5. The Real Cape Its very true! They are moving his fenced yard in by more than thirty feet! Funny how the town of Mashpee still wants their tax money though even though his current CMA ( for those who are ignorant) Current Market Analysis of his property shows him AND every other owner of property in the Association loosing a minimum of 100K on their homes. Will Mashpee re-assess their prperties and lower their tax payments or will they give the successful' auto body shop a tax deferrment and make the normal residents pay the same for less valuable land. And Zachary's is a dump and The steamship authority has ruined the picturesque idea of Falmouth on the entrance into Palmer Ave, where I grew up as a child. All you see are tourists cars parked for more than a mile on one side and that is what is happening all over the Cape… Those that are trying to make a living there year round are screwed,blue and tattooed by the summer folks ho 'just love the idle,picturesque beauty of the Cape. As long as they don't have a parking lot or one of two hundred industrial parks next to them

  6. Then I suggest they live in an area that is being forced to be blockaded by INDUSTRIAL lots. My brother, my family, the Fishes have been hard working Cape Codders for over 200 years now- I think enough is enough. Stop industrializing what little is left

  7. I would need to see evidence to comment on this, but I find it very hard to believe that your brother's fence isn't in the wrong place. Towns act dumb all the time, but they don't just take people's land. If he can prove the town is taking his land, I will write about it until I am blue in the face, or they give it back.

  8. Chris West I failed at accepting and embracing thte horror of the change that occurred on the Cape and left. I watch in sad despair what my family endures at the hands of the people that have ome into charge of what's left of what we once called 'The Cape'

  9. The Real Cape The fence was there 15 years ago when my brother bought the property and the only thing that was there back then was the storage facility. Not loud, not bright. Allowed for a peaceful existence with residents and industrial park businesses. Now they have the surveyors out there and suddenly there is a mistake in the plans. The fence has to be moved back 30 feet. My brother looses all the trees he planted to help enforce the peace and quiet between his property and the park. He doesn't get to go to the board and use proof of use as a feasible argument. why? Because the town of Mashpee won't make enough money off that little know law. Any lawyer on the Cape going to take it on? Not a chance. They know which side their bread is buttered on. The townsfolk get kicked down again! Just so you know – Go to Falmouth Historical society. You'll see the picture of I believe it is 19 Fishes who lost their lives in the Civil War. My Grandfather helped dig out the Cape Cod Canal and the rock that is now the grindstone that surrounds JFK's eternal fllame came out of our back yard on Palmer Ave in Falmouth. You know Falmouth, the town that turned the place where that rock came from into a parking lot.

  10. Teresa Fish Maciel Wait, so because your family has been on Cape Cod for a long time, the town of Mashpee should give your brother land that is not deeded to him by law? Makes sense. Seems like you'd only be happy if we renamed Cape Cod "Fish Peninsula" and didn't let anyone do anything unless they got approval from you first.

  11. Wait, so because your family has been on Cape Cod for a long time, the town of Mashpee should give your brother land that is not deeded to him by law? Makes sense. Seems like you'd only be happy if we renamed Cape Cod "Fish Peninsula" and didn't let anyone do anything unless they got approval from you first.

  12. When the house was purchased Mashpee had agreed with the Highland Association NOT to allow the lot to be industrialized that close to the edge of the associations lots. So once again , the board in Mashpee is filled with liars , so Matt think, research and then speak

  13. The Real Cape I freakin' LOVE that idea! Absolutely name it the Fish Peninsula! After all the stupid Captain some 200+ years ago couldn't properly identify the fish he watched swimming around his ship. So lets get all friggin' PC and rename it the Fish Peninsula! How many tourists would coe over the bridges after that one? Think they could fit it on the hedge?

  14. As long as you like paying $4 a dozen enjoy your lack of farming knowledge and by all means trim yor hedge, mow your lawn and make it pretty for the joneses. My family are farmers and we like to plant and grow our food. Hell, I'll even wring a chickens neck for your dinner like they did in the 30's. Wring about 100 chickens a day, bleed 'em, defeather them and then deliver them to the restaurants all over town. Real food, from real farms. Grown by real people with real families and real jobs. But hey I would hate to see the ding on your Lexus go unattended to

  15. Arianna Choquette In Mashpee they'll get alot of work. The parking lots at the Commons are so tiny and close together one can't help but hit another car and just drive off without looking back or being honest about what they may have done. Sort of like the Mashpee board of Selectmen just ignoring what they said to the owners of property in the association some 15 years ago that they would never allow the industrialization to go so far back as to completely abutt the neighboring properties. But it's okay, cuz those Auto Body guys are hard-working and reliable, right?

  16. Arianna Choquette Thank You from the wife of AAB owner and the mother of two beautiful children. We have been in business for almost 10 years in Feb. 2015 and are only trying to get ahead like everyone else.

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