A Victory For The Good Guys – Nauset Beach To Re Open For Oversand Vehicles

plover cape

CapeCod.com – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has approved a groundbreaking plan that will allow increased access to Nauset Beach in Orleans for off-road vehicles during the nesting shorebird season.

The habitat conservation plan creates a way for vehicles to be escorted past piping plover chicks.

Nauset beach has been closed to off-road traffic for many years during the prime summer weeks once the birds hatch. The area remains off-limits until they fledge – which usually doesn’t happen until mid-to-late August.

The new plan includes measures to protect chicks on a nearly one-mile stretch of Nauset, including a pedestrian escort walking in front of each vehicle.

Chalk one up for rational thought! Nauset Beach will actually be open to humans again. It almost seems like the world has come to its senses… right up until you read the measures taken to get this deal done that is.

“Including a pedestrian escort walking in front of each vehicle”… did I really just read that? We have created a Piping Plover Secret Service now? How much does that cost? I suppose we are going to need to deploy a few good men to secure the beachgrassy knoll to make sure the area is clear of snipers as well? Maybe create a no fly zone above the Plovers patrolled by F-15’s with standing orders to shoot down hawks with SCUD missiles?

I would love to see someone tally up the amount of money we’ve spent so far on protection and legislation involving Plovers. I’m willing to bet the farm that it’s more than we’ve spent on Heroin abuse prevention and treatment. Maybe that’s the way to end the drug epidemic? Maybe we should divert all funds from Piping Plovers to heroin programs. Won’t happen though, obviously it’s more important to keep a few birds safe than it is to keep our own kids alive.

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