Looks Like You’ll Be Able To Get Your Weed Delivered – State Encourages Home Delivery

weed delivery

CapeCodToday.com – Tens of thousands of patients are expected to quickly take advantage of medical marijuana in Massachusetts, where the first dispensaries are on pace to open this summer and provisional licensees are all expected to make home deliveries, according to the state official in charge of the program’s launch.

“We really wanted to ensure that patients had choice,” said van Unen, who added that the state encouraged dispensaries to offer home delivery to patients and all approved applicants plan to do so.

Weed delivery. The absolute pinnacle of laziness has arrived folks. Stoner heaven has descended unto earth with the completion of the trifecta of THC.

  1. The Domino’s Guy
  2. Netflix
  3. And now The Weed Delivery Guy

Game over. Half of Cape Cod officially has not one reason to ever leave their house. I have seen the future and it is a post apocalyptic wasteland with nothing but Prius after Prius zipping down the otherwise empty roads delivering either pizza or pot.

We will need no politicians or police because nobody will ever do anything ever again… at all. Zip up feetie pajamas with a couch attached to the backside so you can sit whenever and wherever you feel like it will be the fashion of the times. Conversation will be slowed to vibrational humming as humans regress to whale sounds to communicate. Eventually everything will just stop…

…and we will all realize that only like 3 minutes went by, we were just high as fuck.


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