Shanghai Restaurant Seeks License Extension To Sell Off Food Supply

shanghai2 – The owners of a Ridgewood Avenue restaurant that had its food and alcohol license revoked Monday after officials ruled that the establishment has turned into a haven for cocaine and heroin dealers have requested an extension, according to the Barnstable Licensing Authority.

The Shanghai Chinese Restaurant was supposed to close by Jan. 19, but an attorney for the restaurant’s co-owners Bao Feng Gao and Yong Sheng Ding sent a letter to the licensing board Thursday asking to keep the restaurant open until Jan. 31 so they can sell off some of the remaining food.

I think everyone reading that just had the exact same reaction… EEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Come on now, I like heroin infused spare ribs as much as the next guy, but how much MSG is in that shit if it’s still even in the shape of food? What kind of absolute lunatic would actually eat anything at the Shanghai between now and January 31st? You’d have to have a death wish to pull a stunt like that.

The booze is a different story though. Hey Shanghai, throw up some dollar fifty Mai Thai’s and The Real Cape crew might make a field trip for some day drinking and one last celebratory 20 rock. Tiger blood Tuesdays for the win!

thanks to P. Gordon for the tip

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