4 Cape Cod Grandmother’s Are Going To Trial For Trespassing At Pilgrim Nuclear

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CapeCodToday.com – The trial for four Cape Cod women, arrested during a Mother’s Day protest at the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant is set to begin at 9 a.m. Friday morning, Oct. 17 in Plymouth.

The four women, all grandmothers and members of the anti-nuclear group Cape Downwinders, were charged with trespassing at the Entergy-owned facility in Plymouth last May.

The woman placed flowers and “tiny makeshift coffins” at the gates of the facility to reportedly symbolize the company’s threat to the health and well-being of children, according to a Cape Downwinders release.

I know people get sick of me ranting about government officials and executives acting like idiots, but come on! How has somebody not ended this before it goes to trial? This is like Erin Brockovich on steroids. The big, bad nuclear company is prosecuting grandmother’s for planting flowers? Mr. Burns from the Simpson’s would be jealous.

Even if I worked for Pilgrim I would try to convince them that this is a horrible idea. Not just because of common sense, but from a PR standpoint alone. Drop the charges and the story dies. Keep it going and it’s in the press every step of the way. Also, if it succeeds? You are the company that put Nana in fucking jail! Tough for anyone to side with a giant corporation after they have Granny sentenced to 5-10 in Sing Sing for committing 3rd degree horticultury.

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  1. I was in the Court today and a defense attorney. It doesn't work like that.
    It's the commonwealth( the state) not the company bringing the charges.
    These people want a trial. Entergy even gave the spot to protest. Their goal was to be arrested, and to have thus trial. Sad part is their lawyer didn't give notice for all their experts so they won't even get to testify.

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