The Fun Police Are Going After Skydiving On Cape Cod

skydive-cape-cod – The airport commission has approved a new contract for Skydive Cape Cod, the town manager will not sign it, and the Federal Aviation Administration, which may be the final arbiter, has not yet ruled.

The town is looking to obtain a waiver or an exemption from the FAA that would allow selectmen to prohibit skydiving and the board has laid out its concerns, which include its close proximity to neighborhoods, to the agency. The FAA has agreed to send parachute experts to Chatham to investigate the claims this spring, but Goldsmith told selectmen Tuesday that it was unclear what that inspection would involve as the company would not be cleared by the town to operate. That’s something staff is waiting for clarification on, she said.

Over the past few years concerns about the safety of the operation of the skydive company at the municipal airport have emerged, but last year they appeared to mushroom as myriad residents filled the selectmen’s meeting room and asked the three-year contract not be renewed.

Unbelievable, you literally couldn’t make this stuff up. How many hard working people have had their livelihoods taken away by The Fun Police at this point? Eventually we will get to the point where Cape Cod residents will not be able to leave their yards or make any audible sounds.

Skydive Cape Cod has been around for a long time and everyone I know who has gone there has nothing but great things to say about them. Who am I though right? Well the “FEDERAL AVIATION AMINISTRATION and the state department of transportation found no safety issues that would justify termination of the lease.” In fact Skydive Cape Cod was the most inspected operation in the country this year.

It doesn’t stop there, Tim Howard, the owner of the company that runs Catham Airport said the airport has “no good reason” not to renew the contract, or sub-lease, and could be a subject to a lawsuit if one was not executed. So yeah, the federal government is on SkyDive Cape Cod’s side to the point where it is illegal to not let them operate, yet they are in danger of losing their business, and why?

Because a “myriad residents filled the selectmen’s meeting room and asked the three-year contract not be renewed.” That’s it, The Fun Police. Who are these people? Don’t they have anything better to do with their time than worry about everyone else? It is time to band together and take back Cape Cod.

Please, if you live in Chatham or the surrounding area, reach out to the folks at SkyDive Cape Cod and ask them how you can help, Write a letter, go to a meeting, whatever it takes. I know we have better things to do but that is why they always win. While we are out living our lives they are at meetings making fun illegal. We need to beat them at their own game, say it with me!

Fuck the fun police!

Take back Cape Cod!

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  1. Seems like a scam group here on Cape…Be TheChange. Maybe not the right forum, but had to get the word out to someone

    1. Thank you! My fiancé is an instructor at skydive cape cod. I am from sandwich and I brought him here and we bought a house last year. He is now facing loosing his job and passion and we may be forced out of the cape. I love my home and how we protect the buety of our towns, however it is hard enough for us just getting started in our late twenties to afford to live here an like many other people my age we may be forced out. I have gone too numerous town of Chatham meetings in support with my hand up and was never allowed too speak as most of the alotted time in this matter has been giving to the complaining parties. At one meeting I had to hear a woman say and I quote,” living near the airport is like living in Pakistan”. At another meeting she asked my fiancé ,” how he could live with himself”. This situation makes me feel sick on a daily basis and I can’t thank you enough for showing support. Lets have fun an let tourists and locals have options too skydive, kayak, horse ride ! These things all have risk but we at suppose to be a tourist community lets support that!

  2. All disgruntled opinions aside, we were inspected by FAA and MASS DOT on 9 separate announced/unannounced occasions, NONE OF WHICH FOUND ANYTHING NEGATIVE TO REPORT.

  3. As a former pilot for skydive cape cod I can say that no other company goes above and beyond maintenance on the aircraft like skydive cape cod does. I would not have risked my life and $50,000 of training to get my licenses if I thought otherwise. As per the operation of aircraft and parachuting, all steps were taken to the extreme to try and please the few disgruntled neighbors who were surprised to see airplanes flying over their house when they live on the approach and departure end of a runway! I had the FAA come out unannounced and undercover on several occasions to oversee that the operation was performed in a safe manner and that both crew and aircraft were maintained and properly certified. Not once did the FAA or MASS DOT find any problems.

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