John’s Pond In Mashpee Is Turning Into A Koi Pond

koi mashpee

CN – Add it to the list of items dangerous to local bodies of water: fertilizer, wastewater and now koi, a relative of the goldfish.

Spotted recently in Johns Pond were five “large” koi fish. Johns Pond Estates Association president John O. Harris and his wife saw the fish over the weekend and alerted the town. The koi were spotted last year as well, and Mr. Harris suspects that they lay dormant in the deeper parts of the pond over the winter.

“These fish are big, probably 10 to 20 pounds, and will be breeding soon, probably already have,” Mr. Harris wrote to Mashpee conservation agent Andrew R. McManus on Sunday after spotting the fish near his dock. “Do you have any suggestions or advice before we have thousands of them in Johns Pond?”

Ask me! Ask me! I have a great idea. Embrace the situation, build a big ass Pagoda right on the pristine shores of John’s Pond and start serving spring rolls and beef teriyaki. You can hire some shitty comedians and x-rated hypnotists and call it the Cape Kowloon! Hey if Chik-fil-A can get approved why can’t Cape Kowloon? Throw a leaning tower of Pizza and a Golden Banana in there while you’re at it and we can be Rte. 1 south!

“Come on down to Mashpee to see the largest Koi Pond in the western hemisphere!”

P.S. For you newbies, that’s what we like to call Sarcasm, realistically we should probably just kill them all ASAP.

P.P.S. Don’t Jersey The Cape…

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