Does The Cape Cod Commission Hate The Gays? Chick Fil A Location Approved

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By Geoff Spillane

HYANNIS —The Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant chain has received approval from the Cape Cod Commission to open its fourth stand-alone Massachusetts location in Hyannis.

The 5,219-square-foot restaurant with a drive-through window will be located at the intersection of Enterprise Road and Iyannough Road (Route 132), on a leased 1.74-acre parcel previously designated as overflow parking for the Cape Cod Mall.

The regional regulatory agency issued a certificate to Chick-fil-A last week, signed by Paul Niedzwiecki, executive director of the Commission, confirming that the project complies with the Barnstable County Regional Policy Plan.

The privilege of selling its signature chicken sandwiches, waffle fries and salads on Cape Cod will carry an added price tag for the chain, over and above construction and operational costs.

Chick-fil-A will be required to pay $25,886 to the Town of Barnstable Affordable Housing Growth Development Trust Fund, as well as $258,000 in traffic mitigation costs, according to terms outlined in a transportation improvement program attached to the certificate.

Chick-fil-A has already received approval from the town of Barnstable Zoning Board of Appeals, is fully permitted from a zoning perspective and is expected to receive its building permit soon, according to Elizabeth Jenkins, principal planner for the town of Barnstable.

Chick-fil-A is known almost as much for its conservative Christian beliefs and politics as it is for chicken sandwiches.

The restaurant chain was boycotted in 2012 for the anti-same-sex marriage sentiments of its president and the millions in donations the company made to anti-gay organizations.The controversy prompted the late Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to tell the chain that it was not welcome in the city.

“To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come into contact with Chick-fil-A,” is the chain’s corporate purpose as stated on its website.

So if you pay a few hundred thousand bucks, you get approval, and screw the gays huh? That’s the way we’re doing things here on the Cape now? Seems fair to local small businesses. Even Mumbles Menino had the balls to stand up to Chick Fil A and he probably thought it was a gas station that only hot girls work at. Well, at least the Cape Cod gays know their exact dollar value now, maybe we should start a Gay Fund Me account and see if we can raise more than the $258,000 to keep Chick Fil A off the Cape.

You have to wonder how far this paying cash for permits method the Cape Cod Commission has adopted will go? If Hitler’s Lampshade Emporium gives Yarmouth a few hundred thousand bucks will they be allowed to open as well? Maybe we could launch a Kony’s Kids Child Development School in Chatham. How far on the wrong side of history does something have to be to get rejected? If we just do away with morals altogether we could be as rich as Dubai and pave Rte. 6 with solid gold.

What you really have to love though, is the “corporate purpose” statement on Chick Fil A’s website… “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us”. They really need to add… “except for chickens and fags, we’ll just stuff those into tiny coops and not let them get married”.

P.S. The bottom line is that this company does its best to help impair the basic civil rights of a section of our population simply because they are different. So screw them. Plus, without gays how would we know if our belts match our shoes?

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  1. Reverse-hypocrisy at its best, here. What would you have done with all of the people and businesses that don't agree with your beliefs? Banish us? We don't have any rights, either, unless we comply with you? I don't recall anyone saying "screw the gays". This is the problem, we can't agree to disagree, we are being punished for not jumping on board the cry-baby train. All you have to do is not eat there. That's pretty simple. I don't demand that the Ford dealership leave town because I drive a Chevy. I take my car to the Chevy repair garage. Get it?

  2. I have a whole lot of hilarious jokes and comments to make about this entire situation (but i'm starting to grow up and learning how to use my filter in public i think).

  3. Yes, obviously you missed something… Marriage equality is an important right… We are all entitled to practice our own religion and to hold our own personal beliefs, but we do not have the right to discriminate against others based on those beliefs. Today, our society needs more tolerance and acceptance and less hatred and bigotry…Discrimination against any person(s) due to age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, etc certainly deserves to remain in the news until it no longer exists/occurs…and Yes, education is necessary as it's the best way to fight ignorance, intolerance and hate… I'm sorry if you don't hold the same values as I do, but luckily you aren't in the majority. Enjoy your Chic-fil-a….

  4. Hyannis is probably the worst choice they could have made over here. This isn't like Dunkin' Dougnuts breaking our hearts by trying to make things worse at the Bourne Rotary, this is a deeply conservative business trying to plant itself in CIGSYA's home territory.

  5. Kristen Pelley holy crap **WHOOOSH** are you the type of person who buys tickets to go see a comedian then spends the entire show booing him because you think his jokes are offensive?

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