Some Important Information About The Real Cape Music Festival For Locals


At a few of our recent events we’ve been chatting with a ton of people that are coming to this years festival and many of them have said they plan on just grabbing tickets at the Fairgrounds on the day of the show. We just wanted to let everyone here on Cape Cod know that while the fairgrounds are big, there is a finite amount of tickets we can sell.

Given the popularity of national acts that we booked for this years show, we are expecting over 5,000 people this year. So far we have already sold more tickets for this years festival than we did all of last year and at the pace they are selling, there is a distinct chance that it may sell out.

So we just want to stress to our local Cape Cod readers that you really should get your tickets in advance if possible, the last thing we would want is our local readers not getting into the festival because they waited on tickets since they live so close to the venue. We are going real big this year, we are moving the show from the small concert area at the Fairgrounds to a larger open field and will be building two giant festival stages. This is going to be a grand scale, legit sized festival and we’d just hate to see any locals missing out so please grab your tickets in advance just in case we end up turning people away at the gates.

Thanks so much everyone for your support, this is definitely gearing up to be the biggest thing on Cape Cod in a very long time.

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