The Mind Of Frank Anthony: Who Gave My # To This Dude That Sent Me Nude Selfies?


What may come as no surprise, not all people take my sense of humor with a grain of salt. Usually, I tell them to screw and continue to be myself. The brash and at times offensive tendencies do sometimes have consequences. Whether it is getting a drink thrown on me, a slap across the face, or even the occasional threat, I try to make the situation as amusing as possible. Those consequences are the classics though. In this day and age you can do so much more creative things to a potential foe.

I’m not sure if a scorned woman was giving my number out to potential tinder matches, or if my phone number ended up on Backpage or Craigslist in the casual encounter section, but I knew I must have really grinded someone’s gears when I received a few pictures of an over anxious young man who made the slight error of not confirming the identity of his dick pic target before hitting send.

Here is the first selfie sent to me with my response to start things off…



Then he decided to up the seduction ante by adding alcohol into the mix…




Which is when I decided it was time to reveal my identity…



He gone.

I still have no idea who I pissed off to the point where they decided to play gay Cupid with my contact info. If any of our Provincetown readers should happen to come across a Grindr profile of me, please let us know. Needless to say, my number has been changed.

P.S. This guy almost made the cut, but what can I say, I’m picky about bathroom accessories.



Editor’s note: We knew Frank Anthony was a loose cannon when we brought him on, but we had no idea to what extent. The fact that he is out there galavanting around with 4% battery left on his phone shows just how much of a lunatic he actually is. 

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