Honda Civic Hits And Kills Two Cows On 6A In Sandwich – Wait, What?

cows – Two cows were hit by a car and killed on Route 6A in Sandwich late Thursday night, police said.

A Honda Civic was traveling eastbound near the Hammond Road intersection at about 8:10 p.m., when it hit the two cows. They were dark-colored and difficult to see in Thursday night’s storm, police said.

The Honda Civic suffered severe front end, hood, windshield, and hood damage, police said.

The two cows were found dead by officers arriving at the scene. Massachusetts Department of Transportation workers removed the animals, and returned them to their owner on a farm nearby, police said.

Like we don’t have enough shit to worry about around here, now we have to worry about dodging cows in the street? NStar is poisoning us, drones are watching us shower, windmills give us vertigo, and now cows are running up the deductibles on our Honda Civics?

This poor lady must just be in absolute shock right now. I have probably driven two million miles of Cape Cod roads and not once, not one single time in my life, has the thought ever entered my mind that there was any chance whatsoever that I might hit a fucking cow. This lady hit two cows. TWO COWS!

Talk about being on the wrong side of blind luck. Times like this make me wish I was the Cape Cod Oprah. This lady would have a new car and that farmer would get his cattle replaced faster than you can say Centerville Pie Company.

I propose we institute a new law, we will call it the “You hit it, you keep it” a.k.a. the “one in a million” law. It’s like winning a meat raffle at the Elks Lodge. If you beat the odds and actually kill two cows in a Honda Civic on Cape Cod the least you should get is a couple of Tenderloins and a Porterhouse out of the deal right?

P.S. If someone told me before today that I would use that headline during my career as a writer for The Real Cape I would have told them there was a better chance of Insane Tony thinking a rational thought.

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  1. So I thought I would be saddened by the loss of two cows
    and damage to the poor honda, but then i realized the saddest
    part of this article was that the the person who wrote the article
    believes himself a writer! I had hoped i had found a new source
    for local news, but first impressions have left a sad sour taste.
    Good luck with your career.

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