Guy Tries To Snatch Woman Off Her Motorcycle At 65 mph On Route 6

route 6 – According to a report by state Trooper Kevin Riordan filed in court records, at 2:30 p.m. May 12, a woman was headed east to Chatham on Route 6 by motorcycle when she saw Cavanaugh in her rear-view mirrors swerving from lane to lane behind her. She told police she was worried he would cause an accident and pulled into the passing lane.

To her surprise, Riordan wrote in the report, Cavanaugh pulled up beside her in the travel lane with both vehicles going 65 mph.

Cavanaugh then allegedly extended himself out of the open driver’s-side window and tried to grab the woman’s arm and leather coat. He was yelling at her, but she couldn’t understand what he was saying, she told police.

She sped up and moved into the travel lane, with Cavanaugh again driving aggressively, switching lanes behind her, the report says. When she moved into the passing lane again as she came upon a pickup truck, Cavanaugh had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting it and spun out of control, hitting the fence in the eastbound rest area in Dennis.

Jesus, we’ve got a straight up Mad Max situation on Route 6. The big question here is if this guy knew this lady or not. If he was a total stranger then I can’t imagine a more frightening experience. What goes through your head when this happens to you? I mean every bad thing you’ve ever done in your entire life must flash into your mind. Like “how do I know this guy, did I do something to him, his family, his dog? Did someone tape some crack to the back of my jacket? did I make fun of his cousin on an internet blog?”

Either way this chick is a shoo-in for the All Cape BAMF team. Any woman on a motorcycle that outruns a lunatic trying to grab her out of a car window at 65 miles per hour on the highway is a bad ass of epic proportions. Not gonna lie, it moved a little when I was reading this article.

P.S. This story seals the deal, Route 6 is officially the most dangerous road in the universe. Just look at the results of this Google search.

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  1. Rte 6 is pretty exciting but it simply cannot match Rte 22 in New Jersey. It is where you go to shop if you have a death wish. I have been terrified driving and being a passenger on that road. Sometimes even standing in a parking lot is frightening. And no I am not trying to Jersey the Cape. haha

  2. Can we get some investigative reporting on whether or not she knew him? Old fashioned sleuthing? We need to know. Otherwise, what? We’re just supposed to accept that the Cape is now some post-apocalyptic battleground?
    I’m scared.

    1. No investigative reporting needed. I’m in a position to know. This crazy dude was a total stranger, leaning out of a truck at 65. Tried to grab her. Then he nearly flipped his truck. True story as reported. And yes, he is a local.

  3. She’s a dear friend and NO, she did not know this psycho! She kept her senses to her and kept herself alive and unhurt.

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