Delahunt Sues Government Over Medical Marijuana Permits

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CCT – Congressman William Delahunt’s (D-MA) long reign began with a question mark (see story below) and a disputed court decision to win his first nomination for congress in 1961, now the former Congressman is suing Massachusetts after his bid to launch three medical marijuana dispensaries was rejected by state regulators.

Known as a double-dipper, Delahunt is seeking to run dispensaries in Dennis, Mashpee and Taunton.

Delahunt also inserted earmarks for his “clients” while still sitting on congressional committee which control this matter (see link below).

Regulators say they denied his bid because it would have diverted excessive revenues to a management company he’s affiliated with and incorrectly suggested he had support from state Senate President Therese Murray.

The Globe reports that Delahunt’s application for the three licenses stated that the dispensary intended to give 50 percent of its revenue to a management firm that was controlled by the former congressman and his business partners.

If this stunk any more than it does I’d think we were at the Provincetown Parade. We’ve got a former politician, who opposed marijuana throughout his entire career, trying to make tons of money off of an industry he cares nothing about, suing his former employer, the government that can’t get anything right and hasn’t let one dispensary open in the two years since 63% of the people voted for it.

By all accounts the reason medical marijuana is taking so long in Massachusetts is because they wanted to make sure it was regulated in a way that was most profitable. So now, because a bunch of money hungry politicians don’t want another money hungry politician making too much money, Cape Cod won’t get two of the dispensaries it should have, and sick people aren’t getting medicine.

Look, this site is called The Real Cape because we don’t blow smoke up people’s asses. Is medical marijuana only for sick people? No, it’s a back door tactic to legalize it for everyone. That’s not the point here, the point is that in a democracy when 63% of the people vote something into law, it’s supposed to happen in a timely manner without politicians bickering over who gets the money from it.

The people of Cape Cod are getting it from one end by their government and in the other from their former congressman. They could have at least bought us dinner first.

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