Labor Day Weekend – The Start Of The Real Cape Cod Summer

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Labor Day. Such a bittersweet weekend for the tourists and summer people. It is a holiday weekend full of beach days, cookouts, boating etc. but for many of them it signifies their last weekend of the summer.

For us? It is the beginning of the best 2 months of the year on Cape Cod. Labor Day weekend is a 3 day Bon Voyage party when we say goodbye to bumper to bumper traffic, waiting an hour for a table at our favorite restaurant, and say hello to being able to take a left hand turn onto Rte. 28 in under 47 minutes.

This weekend we celebrate the welcome tranquility of going to the beach and not having sand kicked in our faces all day. Adios 80 degree weather, welcome back 70’s and sunny during the day and cool at night. There is no better feeling than the first time you pull on a pair of wool socks and throw on a hoodie to drink by the fire pit. When the coozy keeps your beer cold during the day, and your hand warm at night.

Most importantly, come Tuesday, we will be revisited by a little thing called silence.

So while the masses weep on their dashboards in six miles of bridge traffic on Monday. We will be knowingly smiling to each other in the empty aisles of Stop and Shop, internally reveling in the realization that we have our peninsula back.

Our Cape… The Real Cape.


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  1. My parents (then me and my bro eventually) used to vacation here every September/October, which is entirely why they moved us here before kindergarten. This captures what the cape is, truly.

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