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Looking for guys that get into fighting , Submission wrestling. Not afraid to step outside and see who the alfa man is. Looking for a challenge , competitive submission fight.
Not looking to hurt anyone or go to hospital. Just school boy fight.

Bring it on for real> No sex! Man Up!

I was all ready to reply to this dude, but then I saw the part about no sex. Just slipped that in there like maybe I wouldn’t see it. Look, If I’m going to meet a random hairy man from Craigslist to wrestle, I am assuming that it will  lead to a game of tummy stix. If not, kick rocks buddy.

In all seriousness though, if you ever find yourself writing an ad where you are asking other grown men to meet up with you, and the content of that ad is such that you feel as though you need to include a “no sex” disclaimer?

You’re gay.

P.S. I have a gay friend and he said this is fine, so don’t email me calling me a homophobe.

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