Cape Cod Woman Indicted For Allegedly Hiring Someone To Kill Her Husband

osterville murder An Osterville woman was indicted Wednesday on charges she hired someone to kill her husband, who survived a bullet to the back of the head months later after her boyfriend allegedly shot him.

Tricia A. Lasher, 45, of Avalon Circle, was released on $2,500 bail after pleading not guilty Wednesday to charges of attempting to commit a crime and solicitation to commit a felony, according to Barnstable Superior Court records. She was brought to court after her attorney, Robert Lawless, learned of the indictment.

Lasher and her husband at the time of the October 2013 shooting have since divorced.

The records provide no narrative of Lasher’s alleged attempt to kill her husband other than to say that it “included the transfer of U.S. currency and information.”

The man she allegedly hired, who has not been charged, received between $8,000 and $10,000 from Lasher in the summer of 2013 but never planned to kill the husband, Barnstable police Detective Valerie Hemmila said.

“It was never his intention; it was just to rip her off,” Hemmila said.

What planet are we on? How does shit like this even happen on Cape Cod? I wouldn’t know how to take a one inch baby step in the direction of hiring a hit man. Who are these people? We are talking about Osterville here. Where the hell does a 45 year old housewife find someone to kill their husband for between $8K and $10K in fucking Osterville? Is this Cape Cod or a shitty Lifetime movie?

How about the guy she hired though? Dude wasn’t even going to try. His intention was to just rip her off the entire time. Worst hit man ever. Have some respect for the profession bro, it’s guys like you that make it damn near impossible for anyone to ever trust the person they hired to murder a human being ever again. Shame on you.

P.S. Sad to see that her and her husband are divorced now, seems like nobody is willing to work through their problems anymore. They just give up so quick these days.

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