Four Sharks Spotted Off The Cape Yesterday And Not One Person Was Eaten?

sharks chatham

NECN – Experts say at least four great white sharks were spotted just off Cape Cod on Monday.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy says the sharks were spotted around Shark Cove in Chatham, Massachusetts by spotter pilot Wayne Davis.

The sharks were in deep water, which created a challenge for Dr. Greg Skomal to get GoPro footage for a population study, according to the conservancy.

I think I might be having a change of heart when it comes to sharks. Having seen what a total crock of shit Shark Week was on Discovery I am just not as scared as I was before. They had an entire year to come up with some shocking footage of bad ass shark stuff and they ended up with 75% fake crap that they called fictional documentaries.

What on earth is a “fictional documentary”? That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Documenting something that didn’t happen is like playing Quidditch for real. It might be slightly entertaining to a total nerd, but it’s still just trying to base reality on fantasy.

So the bottom line here is I’m starting to think Great Whites might be overrated. Four of them were out there all day yesterday and didn’t snack on one person? After all those posts about how we should all get out of the water can I at least get a leg bite? These sharks are making me look foolish with all this swimming around harmlessly crap. Fuck this, I’m going swimming in a seal suit doused in walrus piss cologne just to prove myself right, these sharks need to stop being such pussies.

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  1. People act like sharks have not taken the same migration course for thousands of years .Florida to The Cape and farther north and back every year.

  2. LOL… Quidditch… I agree, great whites are all a bunch of pussies these days! (Please give me a heads up when you don the seal suit… you probably won't get eaten, but would you mind if I roll on it anyway? Thanks, Rob )

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