Cape Cod Tweet Of The Day – Plane Runs Into Trees In Chatham

You couldn’t pay me to get in a plane that small. They always say the same thing whenever you get into a small plane like that and it inevitably starts shaking violently.

“Oh, don’t worry, we could land this thing on the highway if we had to.”

Oh really? How and why do you know that? How often do you need to land one of these on the highway for that to be the go to speech when you hit turbulence? Why should that make me feel better anyway? Do you know what else uses highways? 18 Wheelers and Chevy Suburbans and shit. Who do you think wins a battle between a Mack truck and one of these balsa wood airplanes with a twisted up rubber band turning the prop?

I’d rather put on some flippers and play in a water polo match with a bunch of gray seals off the coast of Nantucket than get in one of those remote control Kennedy killers.


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  1. Just for the record, Kennedy was in a bigger more powerful plane than that. If he'd been in a Cessna 150 series he never would have gone over that open water in the fog and he'd still be alive today.

  2. Christian Leighton My father flew a 172 and described turning back multiple times due to fog. Of course he was VFR only, too and I think he said that he would have needed more or different instruments to fly IFR? I can't remember.

  3. JFK Jr. was flying the equivalent of a super car with no real experience to back him up. (Basically, it would be like leaving the QD in a Lamborghini Veneno after sucking down a shot of QD Juice and trying to show off and crashing it quite spectacularly 20 feet down the road.)

    He flew at night when the conditions called for IFR (instruments) because the weather mins dropped below VFR (visual) after he took off. Any pilot worth his salt knows to check the coming forecast in the area you are flying through/to and to make arrangements for an alternative plan. The Cape Islands are NOTORIOUS for flipping a bitch and dropping below mins in a moments notice. (Hell, WWII fighter pilots trained in the Nantucket fog because the conditions are similar to English fog/Smoke Screens.)
    Additionally, he was not legally allowed to fly IFR, regardless of time of day. He simply did not have the flight hours logged/experience to fly in those conditions. So he flew a plane that was too much for him to handle in conditions he was not safely rated/legal to fly in, and sadly his family payed the ultimate price for his own arrogance and stupidity. Thankfully they crashed into the ocean and not some poor shmuck's house in Falmouth.

  4. Hey lets not poo poo on hippies knowledge of aviation. I don't think that he ever claimed to be a flight geek, and his real first name is not Chesley. He is a satirical writer of happenings on Cape Cod, and that is likely what keeps you reading. That and the fact he is an idiot, and wishes he was named Chesley. Hippie, I stand with you about small planes. If the plane doesn't have a crapper on it, mid-flight movie, beer and peanuts then it is likely too small for me to truely feel comfortable on.

  5. Cut em some slack. Its a comedy website. They use hyperbole all the time when making fun of local news.
    Also, The author seems to know just as much about a Cessna 172 as Captain Treesmash.

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