Pink Power Ranger + Rando Watching Karate = the last 3 days


I had a weird weekend. And by ‘weird’ I don’t mean what I’m sure you’re all thinking; that I got white girl wasted and like fell out of a tree or something. Well, that did happen actually, and in addition I somehow managed to lose my car, break my shoe and wake up with a frog.. but that’s not why my weekend was weird. I did a lot of self-reflecting due to the fact that I have some family shit going on, I’m super stressed at work (yes, I have a full time job outside of talking shit on the internet) and also I cut ties with someone I really didn’t want to. So what did all of these events lead me to realize? Buckle up and pay attention ..

An act of kindness, no matter how small, should never be underestimated or wasted. And also that you shouldn’t share cell phone cases, secrets, trust, a bed, or for fucks sake a freakin’ turkey sandwich with someone you don’t trust.  #TrueTalk

Before I get all philosophical on you, I’ll begin by telling you that this revelation came to me while smoking pot in some couples house I had never met before, chugging mudslides and staring out their living room window like a fucking weirdo. It all started because I was 1 – stoned off my ass, but 2 – because I was with my “little brother” who had taken me out all day in order to cheer me up. He doesn’t tell me these things, but I know he worries about me. Not because he like, cares, but because he just really wants me to stop sleeping with his friends. And also I usually pay for stuff.

Anyways – mid blunt-pass, I watched this couple’s elderly neighbor hand pick and plume a bouquet of flowers from his personal garden, arrange them in a vase, and walk them over just to put a smile on her face. That simple gesture, that took him no more than 10 minutes, completely made her weekend and I’m sure put a smile on her face for the next week when she walks into her kitchen to see freshly cut flowers on her table.

Bravo, Falmouth Harbor Romeo – you taught us all a lesson on Sunday afternoon – and that lesson is how much I love flowers and mudslides.

The other revelation I came to this weekend?

I fucking miss the ’90s.

Like, a lot. Seriously, though – what was better than the ’90s? I mean, I guess the ’70s or ’80s depending on what you’re into.. but shit, I’d give at least 6 of my toes to bring some of my favorite things from back in the day around again. Skip it? VHS’s? Paulie fucking pocket? SAND ART?! Think you can cook a lean cuisine in an Easy Bake Oven? I just feel like I fit in better then..


 This picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this post. I included it because it’s hands down the most random thing I’ve seen all day. Outside of the woman next to me on the train ride home watching karate videos on her phone.  

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