The Cape Cod Dive Bar Tournament Finals Are Here – Vote Now!

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There have been a ton of ups and downs, but anything can happen in single elimination bracket style tournaments. They don’t call it Madness because of its predictability.

In the Final Four the Fox Hole handily defeated the #1 seeded Hyannis Quarterdeck in what was a surprise to many. Grumpy’s and The 19th Hole had a hard fought back and forth battle. Neither one left anything on the field and both should hold their head high. In the end Grumpy’s prevailed and made the final game.

So without further ado, we give you the Cape Cod Dive Bar Tournament Finals, vote and share away!

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        1. The Quarterdeck was ahead in all if it’s prior matchups but was NEVER ahead in it’s match against The Fox Hole. We don’t have a horse in this race.

  1. Bobby is crazy. The Foxhole is the ultimate dive. It’s in a basement, has pool and games, and hasn’t changed much in over 60 years.

  2. BS on that Aden. Grumpy’s was founded in 1998 as it is now. The Foxhole has been the Foxhole since 1947. Same ownership, same location and probably the same block of cheese. Dive bar status unquestionable.

  3. Grumpy’s has been there since 1998, in the same spot that the Century Irish Pub was since 1968, in the same spot that the Century House/ Century Club was since 1933, where A speak easy was run since the Volstead Act was implemented in 1919 in the old Lawrence blacks shop and barn, which has been there since 1740!

  4. How are either of these dive bars? One(you need a membership to get in) and the other is actually advertising this contest on Facebook? If you have to advertise that your a “local” bar then you’re not!

  5. Really, The Foxhole was ahead 54% to Grumpy’s 46% yesterday afternoon. Today The foxhole lost 13% overnight and Grumpy’s ahead 59% to 41%. Right, there no desperate manipulation going on here, noooo, not any.

    1. Funny Bill, Grumpy’s was up 53-47 Thursday, at midnight, and at 3:00 am Friday morning they were down 43-57. You can’t blame them for stacking the votes more efficiently.
      Really, no one out there thinks it’s kinda fishy that the Quarterdeck got bumped by the Foxhole without even a hint of a competition.
      Desperate, I don’t know, but it’s funny!

  6. Sounds like someone has been manipulating votes on both sides all along and neither one of them belongs in the final bracket.

    1. Sour grapes!
      The quarterdeck should have won he hole thing, but I don’t think the battle between the 19th hole and Grumpy’s was faked, they probably deserve to be there.
      And you can’t blame them for playing the same game.

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