Cape Cod Dive Bar Madness Round 2 Voting Is Open – The Sweet Sixteen!

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After an amazing turnout and tens of thousands of votes there were some BIG upsets in the first round of the tournament. Round 1 is now over and we are on to the Sweet Sixteen. Once again be sure to vote in every matchup!

P.S. The Squire vs. The Fox Hole is a HUGE second round game.

(we fixed the voting system so there is no need to log in to social media, just click away)

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  1. the New Yorkers who started this pool should have realized there was a Cape Cod before the canal was built – all of Barnstable County is subject to the Cape Cod Commission, Buzzards Bay pay the same highest electric rates in the Continental United States, and are brutally taxed on land values – I am coming back next life with a bulldozer to fill in that ditch – the Bridges will look like monuments, and the tunnel will be a place for the homeless to live…

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