Insane Tony Is Going To The New England Music Awards


As the resident music expert here at The Real Cape headquarters, it’s about time I got some respect and got invited to cover some big time events.  Our team will be on site to cover The 3rd annual New England Music Awards on February 22nd in Lowell and all the other awards shows out there better be on the look out, The Real Cape team is coming full steam ahead.

Besides the great music that will be there, we are going to cover The Capes own Funktapuss, who are up for live act of the year. So we are calling on you, the people of the motherland to get on your internet devices and go to this page and get your vote on. If you haven’t seen Funktapuss yet trust me these guys put on a live show that is worthy of winning this award. Another Cape connection to the NEMA’s is that Jess Phaneuf of MVY is on the voting committee.

The NEMA’s  have a list of past winners that is a who’s who of New England music. Past winners include The Brew, Rustic Overtones, Barefoot Truth, Adam Ezra, Ryan Montbleau Band, Martin Sexton and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Most of these bands have burst onto the national music scene in the past few years.

TheNEMA’s show is on February 22nd, and tickets are a bargain at $10. So if you have a love of music and are looking for a great night off the man made island, come and join us in The Venice Of America a.k.a. Lowell. I am sure this will be the best party of the young year of 2014. If you are feeling saucy and have enough kahunas to venture off the Cape there also is a bunch of great NEMA activities going on Friday the 21st. SO WHO’S COMING WITH ME?

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