Cape Cod Community College Police Officers To Start Carrying Guns


WCAI – As early as next fall, police at Cape Cod Community College may patrol its wooded campus in West Barnstable armed with guns.

Students and staff say the pending decision to allow campus police officers to carry guns at Cape Cod Community College has not generated a lot of controversy.

Student Senate President Christopher DeDecko says he’s heard surprisingly little pushback from students on the proposal.

Phew… it was only a matter of time before some psycho in the nursing school started smashing people over the head with her stethoscope. Now the police officers will finally have the tools to stop such a tragedy.

Seriously though, no shit giving police officers guns hasn’t caused much controversy. Cops carry guns. They have for years and they’ve been known to come in handy on a few occasions. As long as officers refrain from killing kids for wearing hoodies everything should be just fine, and I highly doubt any of the three police officers who patrol 4C’s have been chomping at the bit to pump some kid getting his associates degree in basket weaving full of lead.

As a matter of fact I’d be willing to bet there will never be an incident where one of these officers has to pull their weapon. The closest Cape Cod Community College has ever come to civil unrest was when the elementary education kids threatened to steal the liberal arts kids Hackey Sacks if they didn’t stop playing so close to them at lunchtime. (In all fairness those things can be dangerous)

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