Boston Is The Third Unhappiest City In The U.S. Based On Negative Tweets?

negative tweets

BostInno – So, it comes as not much of a surprise that Boston ranked as the third least happy city based on its tweets, in a recent study done by Brandwatch, a social intelligence firm based in New York. The in-depth analysis performed by Brandwatch compared the ratio of positive conversations over negative conversations, surrounding topics like the quality of a day (“Today was the best day”) or the outlook on life (“I hate my life”) using social data and analytics. The study looked at how users express their emotions on Twitter, and broke down the results by gender, category and the conversations’ evolvement over time.

This is the dumbest “study” of all time. Anyone with half a brain knows that there is one huge element that they can’t account for… a little thing called sarcasm. In a place where “douche” and “dickhead” are terms of endearment used between friends, it’s kinda tough to get a reading on how happy people are by measuring the frequency of their negative conversations.

Do these people have any idea how many times a day I tell my friends I hate them? This is just how we talk around here. Everything sucks and everyone is an asshole, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t happy. Boston is the city of champions for fucks sake, we’ll out happy anyone, anytime, anywhere. We just don’t gush about it like a schoolgirl with a new My Little Pony the way people in the rest of the country do.

Hey Brandwatch, let us know when you figure out how to tell the difference between truth and sarcasm in the written word and we might take you seriously, until then you can make us even happier by shoving your little Twitter study directly up your ass… dickheads.

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