Warning! Email Scam Reported In Sandwich!


CapeCodToday.com – SANDWICH – Police are once again reminding the community to take care when opening emails and email attachments from unknown sources. According to a Sandwich police release, a town resident reportedly received an email with the subject “Eviction Notification No 3949”.

The email, which on the surfaces sounds like it could be something important, was most likely a spam email, if not an actual scam. The attachment could not be forwarded and was blocked by other systems, according to Sandwich Police Chief Peter Wack.

Ummm… do you even internet bro? Somebody actually called the police to report ONE email that they couldn’t identify in their inbox? Holy shit people are weird. If one “most likely spam” email warrants a call to the police then I need the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security to come to my house immediately. I’ve got more spam in my inbox than an unemployed Hawaiian eats all year.

I’m not sure which is more of a waste of time, calling the police over one spam email? Cape Cod Today reporting on the police response to the incident? Or me writing about Cape Cod Today reporting about the police report about a spam email. And now you, through no fault of your own, are reading about some person in Sandwich’s spam. The world has become a strange place indeed.

The ultimate irony is that this creature in Sandwich is just now learning about email which is like 2 seconds from being obsolete. Email dude? Next time just hit me up via The Pony Express. If you aren’t too busy opening joint bank accounts with Nigerian Princes of course.

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  1. Jeez I hope that email I got saying Sgt. Jones needs help getting $14 million out of Iraq isn’t fake…it’s gotta be real, right? I’d hate to think I gave up my bank account numbers for nothing. Sgt. Jones said I could keep $10 million…any more than that I would question its authenticity…

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