Bitch vs. Betch

I will be the first person to correct anyone who misuses the word ‘Bitch’. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a time and a place when it’s acceptable to be a bitch, i.e. the workplace, because 90% of the time we are presented with no other option than to be a down right heartless bitch.

That word, however, has a COMPLETELY separate meaning from that of a ‘Betch’, which I proudly proclaim myself as. Here are a few examples to further clarify;

When trying to justify why someone may not like them: 

Bitch view – “fuck everyone and what they think because I hate them all and their opinions don’t mean shit” 

Betch view –“I honestly just feel bad, like for THEM, because that means I won’t be around, which means their life is going to suck, and I obviously don’t want that” #worldpeace

When they get dumped:

Bitch view – “what an ASSHOLE! I can’t even believe I wasted my time”

Betch view – “Wait, we were dating?”

When it’s snowing outside and your sister asks you to go to the store and get food for the family (and by food I mean more wine):

Bitch view – “Yeah, I’m not leaving”

Betch view – She doesn’t say anything, she just texts her latest hook up and exchanges a handy-j for food and booze

When you catch the guy you’ve been sleeping with at the bar with another girl:

Bitch view – “He’s fucking dead”

Betch view – “I’ll have a vodka soda please. And also a side of Jack Daniels and maybe a sharp object of some sort. And also, are you single?”

Don’t be confused: Bitches get shit done. Betches also get shit done, they just have other people get it done for them.

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