1,128 People Voted In The Mashpee Election On Saturday


One Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Eight. That is the number. The irony is that they held these elections on a Saturday thinking that more people would vote. Nope, just the same old people with nothing to do.

This Saturday I had some beers and watched some live music on a patio, then got in the boat for some fishing/camping/more drinking and I’m sure most of the people reading this did something similar. An election to decide whether or not to have me burned at the stake wouldn’t have got me to the polls on Saturday, it was beautiful out.

This is the exact reason why the Fun Police are taking over Cape Cod. While we are out enjoying our lives, they are at the polls trying to control them. For anyone that ever questions whether or not there is a silent majority on Cape Cod that is against the status quo, think about this statistic for a minute; 1,128 people voted in the Town of Mashpee general election. 3,614 people from Mashpee voted in our Cape Cod Dive Bar Tournament.

Now go ahead and tell me that we couldn’t take this peninsula back from them if we decided we actually felt like doing it.

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  1. Another hot take from Hippie.

    Why should people take an interest in their communities by voting? Who cares about the “races for two seats on the Board of Selectmen and two seats on the Mashpee School Committee”? Those are clearly unimportant things. Setting up voting on a Saturday to maximize the availability and turn-out potential is so wasted on nice day like Saturday.

    Those Fun Police are out there trying to stymie our Good Time. Fuck open and free elections! Who can think about things like Schools and the selecting people who help determine what taxes a town pays when The DoucheBag All-Stars are playing on a patio somewhere? They are only going to play every weekend forever and ever until the universe mercifully takes their lives but we can’t possibly miss another one of their shitty gigs.

    Here’s to not giving a shit!

    -The Real Insane Tony

  2. Your comments always do such a great job showing your ignorance. You could not possibly miss the point of this any more than you did.

    The point is that elections ARE EXTREMELY important and we should all make more of an effort to go to them. You literally have the reading comprehension skills of a 1st grader, you do not in any way comprehend things that are not expressly spelled out plainly for you, understand some context just one time.

  3. Ohhhh is this satire? It’s hard to tell because nothing here is ever funny.

    -The Real Insane Tony

  4. I’m 23 and voted before I went to work. You guys are fucking idiots and your opinions suck. Ps fuck glitter ginger too

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