The Big Giant Sword Guy From The Discovery Show Lives On Martha’s Vineyard

Discovery – On a trip to Boston in 2007, Irish Mike met his wife Amelia at a science fiction/fantasy convention, and they soon settled in a small cottage in the woods, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, MA. There, they raise their children Nova (6) and Christopher (4).

Also in early 2007, Mike was commissioned to construct a ridiculously huge sword. He posted a video on YouTube that depicts him huffing, staggering, and generally demonstrating the impracticality of the weapon. Almost immediately, Mike was inundated with emails from strangers who wanted giant, impractical swords of their own.

How this slipped past me is astounding. Gotta love it though, anything that shines a national spotlight on the Cape and Islands is a win. Especially since Irish Mike seems to be taking it all in stride and has a good sense of humor.

Everyone tune in tonight at 10 and give some local support on a national level.

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