Time For Real Talk Again – Girl Scout Cookies Are Back On The Street

girl scout cookies

Barnstable Patch – Girl Scout Cookies, on Sale December 13 – March 4,

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts is excited to bring back America’s favorite cookies, and to introduce two new flavors, including one that is gluten-free.

Girl Scout cookies are $4 a package, Gluten Free are $5 a pouch. To find out where to buy cookies in your area visitwww.hergirlscouts.org, click on the“cookie locator” and enter your zip code.

Yeah I clicked on the cookie locator and guess what? I can’t find a god damn Thin Mint any closer than 23.1 miles away in Rockland. What is the story with Girl Scouts and their cookie exclusivity? It’s easier to find a unicorn than it is to find a Girl Scout these days.

Real talk? The Girl Scouts should be arrested on three counts of trickery anyway. If I could buy their cookies any time of year at 7-Eleven, I would never buy them. There are much better cookie options out there. But just because I can’t get them on the regular, next time I see a Girl Scout I’ll probably tackle her and order two cases minimum.

P.S. And you can forget about rationing them until they come back again. The single serving size of Thin Mints is one sleeve, I have never once not finished a sleeve that is open.

P.P.S. If you don’t freeze your Thin Mints you should be extradited to Liberia because you don’t deserve Thin Mints or a freezer.

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  1. We have a troop in Centerville and if you want Thins Mints we will deliver them to you…by the case if necessary!

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