Insane Tony – Radio Rant

If you are a regular reader of my music section you have noticed I am not a pop music wizard. I am not ashamed of this nor do I apologize for it. The last few days at my “real” job my boss has forced me to listen to a radio station (that shall remain nameless) that plays today’s “hits”.

I have no beef at all with the DJ, I respect the hell out of what they do. It’s not easy to sit there by yourself and talk on air for hours at a time. The disc jockeys on this station did an exceptional job with that part.

My beef with these station is as old as F.M radio itself, WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE TO HEAR THE SAME 10 SONGS EVERY GOD DAMN HOUR? I understand you need to play what the people that tune in want to hear, but good lord. I know for a fact that there is more than 10 “hits” out there. If I have to hear “Cruise” by Nelly one more time I might drive my car off the 2nd Sagamore bridge.

Not sure if the program director is to blame, but someone needs to inform whoever is making these decisions. I don’t expect them to stop playing the “hits”, but at least maybe have a 2 hour time slot before that song can be played again. I know…I know, if I don’t like it I don’t have to listen. Don’t get your ear bud cords tangled and get all pissy. Even if a radio station that plays music that I actually like did this, I would be pissed.

P.s- I love music and respect how hard people work in radio
P.s.s- I am Insane

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