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Ya this does’t exist yet, but while I have your attention, let me lay something on you. My articles aren’t the most popular here on our site, and I get it not everyone loves music as I do. My articles aren’t as edgy as Hippie Face’s posts, I know this. I am here to shed light on the shit ton of talent here on the Cape. These musicians I spotlight bust their asses year round to do what they love. Very few of them make enough cash from playing to support themselves or their families if they have them. I would say 99% of them have REAL jobs and then play a few nights a week, because they truly LOVE playing live music.

The live music scene here on Cape runs deep in numbers. Being a vacation destination these musicians are out sometimes up to 5 nights a week. I am not asking you to feel bad for these people at all. They have chosen the rock and roll lifestyle to live. Just think if how bad it would suck if on a Tuesday night in the summer you got the dancing bug, or as most of us do the drinking bug, and you go out to your favorite watering hole and you are forced to sit there and listen to the poor bastard sitting next to you bitch about his/her problems. But thanks to our fellow local musicians, you can drown out the whining coming from the bar stool next to you and continue with your life.

So in summary of my little rant here, I am just asking you to give the artists I write about a chance and give them a listen. You never know when you could find some new music to boogie to. Remember to also get out and see and support live local music.

In addition anyone with a cool million or so in cold hard cash that wants to fund a Cape Cod Music Hall of Fame, you know how to get a hold of me. Help make this a reality.

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