Hyannis Kids Arrested Celebrating World Cup Victory On Car Roof Waving Flag


HyannisNews.com – Sometimes cops want to ask young adults “what in the Wide World of Sports were you just thinking?”

Last night was one of those situations, where police received a call about a black Audi driving around downtown Hyannis with man sitting on the roof, legs dangling through the sunroof, waiving an American flag, and shouting “USA!”

USA had just defeated Ghana 2-1 in day 5 of the World Cup…

At least one witness phoned police after the Audi turned off Main Street and eventually onto South Street, traveling at speeds of 35 to 40 MPH… with a passenger still sitting on the roof holding a flag in such a way that it filled up with air and acted like a parachute… it’s a miracle he wasn’t killed.

“USA, USA, USA!” the jubilant 19-year-old rooftop flag bearer somehow managed to not fall off and kill himself as the car he was riding on finally slowed to a stop at the traffic lights at South Street and Ocean Street…

Police were on their way, finally stopping the celebrants on Ocean Street just past the HyLine Ferries…

Celebration or not, police were not impressed…

Both young men were handcuffed and seated in the back of separate patrol cars. Police also secured an undisclosed quantity of beer as evidence…

The 20-year-old driver from Dennis was arrested for Operating to Endanger/Reckless Operation for riding around with someone sitting on the roof of his car. He was also charged with being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

The 19-year-old flag-bearer from Forestdale was arrested for being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

Before I comment on this and everyone freaks out, I want to point out a key part of this article. These kids were not arrested for OUI, they were not driving under the influence, they were in possession of alcohol.

With that said, I have to believe that this is a tough arrest for the police. I realize that in this day and age there is just no way a cop can risk his career letting these guys go, but he couldn’t have been happy about arresting them right? Riding around chanting USA! and waving a flag? I’m 95% sure you get away with this move 20 years ago, as long as you weren’t known to the cops as being a total douche.

I mean they are guilty of two things really. Loving their country… and loving beer. If that’s a crime then you can go ahead and lock me up for life. Imagine if Brazil decided to arrest every person hanging out of  a car sunroof waving a flag after a World Cup victory? I’m pretty sure that would leave three people that didn’t go to jail.

Remember the days of children riding in the back of pickup trucks? Now you can’t even wave a flag out of a sunroof in the name of the good ole USA? Oh well, I guess we now officially live our lives in such a bubble that you can’t even celebrate patriotism anymore.

P.S. I’ve said before, I’ll say it again. Hyannisnews.com is the best news outlet on Cape Cod.

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