Yarmouth To Raise Age To Buy Cigarettes To 21


CapeCodOnline.com – Come July 1, Yarmouth will be the first town on the Cape to limit the purchase of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes to customers 21 years old and over.

The Board of Health voted 3-2 on Monday to institute new tobacco regulations boosting the purchasing age from 18 to 21.

The vote was taken in the presence of several angry convenience store owners who complained they were going to be stuck with a lot of stock they’ve already purchased for the tourist season.

When the motion was initially made, board member Mary Craig tried to amend it to make the starting date Sept. 1 rather than July 1, but the motion failed.

The public was not allowed to speak since the board closed the hearing process at its last meeting.

Well this ought to do it. No chance anyone under the age of 21 ever smokes a butt in Yarmouth again. I mean the drinking age is 21 and we all know that nobody under 21 drinks alcohol on Cape Cod. Plus have you ever seen the size of Yarmouth? It would take a 20 year old 6 months to get all the way to Dennis for a pack of Marlboros.

If Yarmouth was really smart they would just purchase a giant bubble for each person in town between 18 and 21 to live in, that way no harm could ever come to them seeing as they are incapable of making their own decisions. Unless of course they felt like going to war and defending our country, then they would have to take the bubble off, because, you know, at 18 they can make THAT conscious adult decision to risk their own life, they just can’t smoke a butt.

P.S. At least the board let other people speak on the subject at the hearing, oh wait…

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  1. My thoughts exactly. Like so, the under 21’s will just go to Dennis or Hyannis. I thought these town officials are really going to far.

  2. Way to go Yarmouth, such trail blazers! I’m sure that after the overwhelming success of this that all other Cape towns will follow suit and we will be thanking them for saving us. Yikes.

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